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Much noise about nothing?

One might ask what are ‚acoustic luminaires‘, is it actually a word? Before long discussions are led and committees founded: probably not. What should it be, an acoustic luminaire? Is it emitting sound instead of light? Is the luminaire buzzing enervating when switched on? No. They are the result of the intention to combine light with sound absorption and forge it into a single word. As a luminaire producer we focus on the final product, the luminaire, which has an additional acoustic feature. Experts for room acoustics might view it from a different angle and would rather talk about acoustic ceiling sail with integrated lighting.

Architectural trends regarding design or construction physics and hip catchwords like modern workspace, flexible work place or co-working (the urge to use a hashtag is almost unbearable) are often opposing the wish for a quieter workplace. So, does the tendency to work in teams instead of as a lone warrior. When people are coming together and communicate more with each other, the noise level increases. This affects concentration, performance and possibly also health in a negative way. Even it we do not talk about a damage to the hearing capacity, it is about the disruptive influences on body and mind, probably also by non- audible effects, like the so-called extra-aural noise effect. Psychoacoustics as a branch of acoustics deals with these topics, on which we are not going into detail.

In this Whitepaper we would like to provide you with a little insight into the world of acoustics, in particular, room acoustics for office work places. We try to implement a holistic approach towards Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and therefore, not only does the quality of light matter to us, but the entire quality of life and work surrounding is in our focus. PLANLICHT acoustic luminaires combine the dynamic-white lighting solutions which can be regulated according to the natural course of daylight with the requirements of room acoustics for an ideal surrounding - a combination of high melanopic and acoustic efficiency levels. A proper planning, is it for the lighting as well as for the acoustic solution, is the key to success. Not only the single luminaires, the single products, but the entire solution approach provides us with the desired results. Simply HCL.

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