Creating quality CPD content for manufacturers & promoting it to construction specifiers

  • Gain more brand awareness
  • Help specifiers understand your products
  • Drive inbound project leads to your sales team

We'll write using our technical construction gurus

Our experienced technical guru's have vast knowledge & years of experience in the construction sector. Put simply, they eat technical content for breakfast!

We’ll independently audit to strict guidelines

We’ll put your content through our stringent testing framework to ensure it is fully independent & adds value to readers. If it needs a rework, no problem. We can write & get it certified to CPD standards.

We’ll host, publish & promote to specifiers or your employees

Using cutting edge marketing techniques, we’ll promote your content across search, social, web and industry media outlets. Or if it's just for internal use, we can push it to closed groups managed by you.

Get professional CPD content created. Get it certified to recognised standards. Gain exposure by getting your CPD content in front of specifiers. Gain fresh leads into your sales teams.

Audit & hosting packages

Already got CPD content? Submit your content and we'll audit, host and make it available to specifiers.


If you've already created professional CPD presentations, we audit them against recognised CPD certification standards. We'll host them on our platform and make them available to specifiers right across the construction industry. Host up to 5 CPDs.

  • Membership
  • Audit
  • Hosting
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Get all the same benefits as the Silver package, with the added benefit of being add all your CPD content - articles, presentations, videos. You'll have a completely unlimited allowance of content hosting.

  • Membership
  • Audit
  • Hosting
  • Unlimited content
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Submit your content

CPD writing packages

Not got time to write your own CPD? No problem. Our construction guru's will do the lion's share of the effort. Then our creative team will make it all look slick and professional.


We'll author the content based on the content you provide, by interviewing your technical contacts or good old fashioned desktop research & industry knowledge

  • Article


We'll convert your written article into presentation, format for use on our platform & by your sales team

  • Article
  • Powerpoint


We'll create either one master video or break it up into digestable e-learning chapters

  • Article
  • Powerpoint
  • Video

CPD promotional packages

So you've spent the time and effort creating great CPD content. Now you just need get in front of the right audience to deliver it.

Push promotion


We'll promote your content to drive leads to your sales team

  • Search visibility
  • Social promotion
  • Solus email
  • Media distribution

Webinar Events


We'll pre-record or live stream your webinar to deliver & engage with your audience

  • Free hosting forever
  • Audiance signup
  • Feedback collation
  • Lead follow ups

Face to Face


We'll set up face to face meeting appointments with top specifier audiences

  • Real appointments
  • Real specifiers
  • Real opportunities
  • Real projects

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