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This CPD from Forbo Flooring Systems UK provides practical guidance on specifying entrance flooring systems. You will gain best-practice advice on designing safe, effective, and attractive entrances, and learn how to achieve compliance with both legal requirements and voluntary assessment schemes.


The purpose of an entrance flooring system is to remove and retain soil and moisture from the bottom of feet and wheeled traffic; this helps keep the interior floor coverings clean and dry, reducing maintenance and prolonging the life of interior finishes, while also preventing slips, trips and falls. The CPD further explains the benefits of an entrance flooring system and how to specify the right product for a project.


Entrance flooring standards and legislation

The presentation begins with an overview of the various standards and legislation relevant to entrance flooring. This includes British Standards, requirements from the Health and Safety Executive and the Equality Act 2010, as well as BREEAM, LEED and WELL.


Specification considerations

Next, the CPD describes the various things to think about when specifying an entrance flooring system, providing guidance on assessing sources of soiling, types of traffic and the potential for accidents. It also covers heavy point loading, maintenance and specifying flooring for use near electronic tagging systems in retail environments.


Types of entrance flooring systems (EFSs)

The presentation then explains the different types of EFS, covering everything from rigid grille systems to rubber and PVC flooring, textiles, and loose-lay mats. We go over the various advantages and disadvantages of the product options, including safety, environmental considerations, installation methods and aesthetics.


We also discuss the zone method, which can help specifiers choose the right flooring product for each part of a building.


Design your own entrance flooring system

Near the end of the CPD, there’s an opportunity for you to put your new knowledge into practice, with some examples based on real-world projects. See what specification considerations you can spot for healthcare, education, retail, warehousing, leisure, offices, and transport applications, then think about how you would overcome each location’s specific challenges.

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