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PPG’s ‘Decorative fire protection for internal linings’ CPD, covers the importance and correct specification of decorative fire protection solutions for the internal linings of commercial buildings, and covers the following key learning areas:

The importance of flame-retardant decorative coatings

The CPD will start by looking at the initial reasons as to why specifiers should be considering flame-retardant decorative coatings for their current and future projects, before we delve into the key regulations, standards, drivers, testing and benefits that these solutions are able to adhere to and provide.

The creation and growth of fire

This section will cover how fires grow and spread within buildings and how we can reduce and minimise these factors effectively with relation to decorative coatings.

How different paints react to fire

This area explains how more conventional paints may react to fire and then explores the benefits that flame retardant and intumescent paints can bring to a project, and how these can form part of a building’s fire strategy.

Current building regulations and British Standards

The list of regulations, legislation, and requirements for fire protection in buildings is extensive, and there are more than 50 British Standards covering the topic. Here, we will quickly look at some of the main documents in relation to internal linings - to help you understand a specifier's obligations and ensure that that golden thread of fire safety is maintained.

Testing flame-retardant and intumescent paints

For complete confidence in the specification of any solution, their adherence to stringent testing standards to meet legislation is critical. This section explores the importance of suppliers putting in place adequate testing in relation to flame-retardant and intumescent paints and what you should be looking out for.

Specifying the right fire-protective coating

Bringing together all the key learning areas up to this point, this section outlines what a specifier should be looking for when deciding on the right decorative coatings for their current or future project. We also break down which type of decorative coating is the right one for your project between flame-retardant and intumescent paint types.


Thank you for your time. We hope you found this CPD on the importance and specification of decorative fire protection for internal linings useful.


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